How to check dashboard statistics per period?

Once you create your Yollty account and log into the Yollty Business App, you can successfully launch your loyalty program. In addition, from your Dashboard, you’ll have access to the statistic detailing your loyalty program such as the total number of customers, new customers, gifts unlocked, etc.

You can see the result of your statistics per day or per period chosen by you.

In order to see the statistics for a given period you need to do this:

Step 1: Go to ‘Dashboards’

Step 2: Choose ‘Period Dashboard’

On the Dashboard window ‘Period Stats’ will appear

Hence you will need to choose a start and an end date of the period you want to track.
In order to do this, first, click on the upper-right button with the date of today:

Choose the dates:

Click on the date of the last day you want to track :

Then choose the start date:

Click on it and then ‘voilá’.

The total number of statistics for the period you’ve chosen will appear:

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