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🫂 How can your customers refer you to their friends?

Activate the referral feature to get new customers.

Example: A loyal customer of your brand will be able to send a link to his friends and family that will encourage them to come to your store by offering a welcome gift if the people who received this link come to your store.

The stamps / points sent will only be given to the referrer if the referral activates his gift. So you can be sure that you only give rewards to people who have really referred you.

Why use referral?

1. Increase your customer base

Referrals are the most effective way to acquire new customers. And who better than your customers to talk about you? With a well thought-out referral, you can easily get more customers at a lower cost.

2. Improve your image.

The organization's brand image is improved and this facilitates attitude change in favor of the firm and builds or increases the company's reputation.

3. A guarantee of quality

The fact that a loyal customer vouches for your brand, your business, will give more weight and credibility to your marketing. This is why word-of-mouth is the most effective way to market.

How to use the sponsorship system?

There are 3 steps to setting up a referral:

➡️ Step 1: Go to your dashboard

Go to your dashboard:
Then click on Configurations

➡️ Step 2 : Click on Referrals.

➡️ Step 3 : Activate your referral system

Click on the 'Yes' button
Set the reward for the Referred
Set the reward for the Referrer

Finally, don't forget to press the Save button at the bottom right to save all your changes.

And VOILA!!! Your customers will be able to refer their friends and family 😁

Updated on: 09/10/2022

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