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💶 Customers: How can they claim their gifts?

Claim one or more gifts

Example : A customer has just checked out after making a purchase from you and he asks you to collect the gift he unlocked in the app

➡️ Step 1: Click on the Yollty app logo (white Y on blue background)

➡️ Step 2: The customer must click on the membership card of your establishment

➡️ Step 3: Go to the member card of your establishment

➡️ Step 4: Go to the "Rewards" section

➡️ Step 5: Just scan the QR Code that your customer shows you

And VOILA!!! Your customer has made you claim one of the rewards they earned 😁

Important note: the QR code can only be used ONCE! Each QR Code corresponds to ONE gift.

Don't remember how to claim your customer's gift from your Yollty Business app? Just click here

Updated on: 09/10/2022

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