Maintaining your existing clientele is significantly less expensive than attracting new shoppers.
In this article, we'll explain all the pricing details you need to know!

📆Payment frequency
We have monthly or annual subscription packages. You can pay either per month or once per year if you want to have a better price.

💳 Payment process
All payments are processed via Stripe - the most secure payment platform.

🦸 GDPR compliance
Yollty is GDPR-compliant. We make sure to respect yours and your user’s data.

🚀 Yollty plans
Visit our website's Pricing Page for explanations on the 4 plans you can currently choose :

Need a customized plan for your business? Contact us

A Tip if you have an annual plan 🌟

Our annual plans are more cost-effective.

At any time you can upgrade your current plan from your account :

If you need more details, don't hesitate to reach out to us on the live chat Yollty.
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