Yollty Pricing Changes - What you need to know?

As you might have seen in the past couple of weeks, Yollty is growing and some necessary changes are needed to help you bring your customer loyalty to the next level..

Important Notice - As a current customer, you don't have to do anything and can continue on your current plan at the same price.

Why are the plans changing?

Based on feedback received from our customers and in order to support all our latest features, we have reshaped our plans to make some features more accessible.

Your plan stays the same

When we make changes to our pricing plans, and you are already a customer, your plan will not change.

New plans are on their way

Our new plans - Starter, Business, and Pro - have been around for a while. We wanted to make sure that what we offer keeps up with the changes in how people use Yollty, and the new features we develop.

But I like my current plan

That's great! And you can keep using it. This just means if you want to change plans, you'll have the choice of our shiny brand new ones.

What are the new plans?

Will there still be a Free plan?

No free plans but a free trial. This way, our customers can try out the full power of Yollty right away. And as we are growing and in order to serve every customers as good as we can, we decided to focus on bringing on more values to each and every one of you.

Can current customers change to new plans and take advantage of the new features you introduce in the future?

When we launch our new pricing plans, you will be able to upgrade your plan from your Account Settings at the end of your current billing cycle.

How to update to a current plan before the pricing changes?

In order to select one of the current prices before the update, you can simply:

Go on your dashboard: https://business.yollty.com/

Click on Account and Billing (you can also directly click here: https://business.yollty.com/settings/account)

Select the plan you wish to upgrade to and click on Upgrade

Just below, you will have the possibility to enter your credit card details

Enter your Credit Card details and Click on Confirm & Pay

And you are good to go!
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